Sunday, January 20, 2013

About Me

About Me
Hola, my name is Whitney Lynn Bizjak. I was born and raised in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Although, I have lived in many places throughout the years such as; Las Vegas, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, and Georgia.. but all in all my family always ended up back at the gulf where we finally resided for good. My major interests are kayaking, surfing, painting, beach volleyball, sky diving, and golf (a new found interest). I happened to end up at USA on a whim. My whole life I never really wanted to go to college and instead just wanted to move out to California after I graduated high school. My parents were totally ok with the idea because they always let their children make there own choices in life, as long as they weren't life threatening of course. So by the time graduation rolled around I got a letter in the mail from South Alabama. I found it quit curious since I didn't put in any application at any colleges. As I opened the sealed envelope I pulled out a Congratulatory letter, stating not only had I been excepted to South Alabama but I was also awarded the Presidential Scholarship. I thought it had been a mistake. So after countless phone calls to the University I was finally informed that my older sibling had sent in an application for me. At the time I was extremely confused and also violated. I thought, "No way am I going to college. Thats just not for me." But after much consideration, I gave in and figured why not go while I have money being given to me to pursue my education. Now I am very grateful to be here at South Alabama. I am going for Elementary Education and hope to one day inspire children.
I have two older brothers and one older sister. Yep, thats right, Im the baby of four and I couldn't be any happier about that. I tend to get spoiled during holidays. All my siblings live in baldwin county. I have been an aunt for three years now. Its the best title you could ever have! Speaking of, my new name has been recently changed to auntie whit whit. I also have an amazing boyfriend of 1 year as of January 1st. He has been a blessing in disguise to me.
I want to enter the education field because since I can remember I have always loved children. My fourth grade teacher also inspired me to be the best I could be at anything I did. Knowing her and the way she taught really inspired me to bring back teachers like her. Teachers that actually cared about there students and not the ones who hate there jobs. My passions are kayaking and healthy living. I absolutely love getting in the water with my kayak and trolling around different islands and canals. It's a great workout and relaxing! I have also picked up a healthy living lifestyle recently that I have been super passionate about. Not only is it better my body, it's bettering my life.

Life of a Teacher
My passion is Kindergarten, I absolutely love and enjoy the younger ones more than anything. There is something about teaching them their "firsts" that means so much to me. My teaching strategies will hopefully allow me to develop oral language, listening skills, reading skills (letter recognition and sound) and writing skills (letters of the alphabet, words and sentences) in my kindergarten program.
One major focus is literacy, which includes kindergarten alphabet activities and such. Considering when teaching kindergarten there are no textbooks to follow per say, so particular resources and book clubs are essential.
In my kindergarten class, each month the students will partake in a scholastic book club program. Where students will be able to purchase books geared to there interests. This is a great way of feeling there love of reading and building a wonderful home library. Further to develop literacy, I will have my students keep a journal. Using them mainly to develop their oral language and writing skills. Journal entries would come from a picture they have drawn or an event/theme/concept.
My classroom will be inviting, comforting, colorful, joyful, homie, etc. I want my students to feel like my classroom is there safe haven. I want to have a reading center, a music center, a arts and crafts center, and a learning skills center. I know it seems like much but these are essentials to building great minds. Creativity is a must in my classroom. I want the students to be able to use there minds to there full potential. All in all I want them to love to come to school.

Randy Pausch on Time Management
I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Pausch's video on time management because my self alone has difficulty managing my time and getting everything done. I learned that keeping a to do list is helpful. Also that waking up each morning and reminding yourself of the things you need to get done that day, week, or semester is a good time management skill.
I also liked how he talked about making a plan and that you can change your plan but only if you have a plan to change. I liked how Dr. Pausch made a point to say that failing to plan is planning to fail. That really made me think of ways to go about managing my own time. I do not know anything else about Dr. Pausch and his work besides his video on Time Management, but found him to be greatly helpful.

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