Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blog Post 2

Did You Know?
After watching Dr. Strange's, Did You Know video. I was absolutely shocked by the stats that were provided for the amount of YouTube videos watched/uploaded, amount of text messages sent a day, the amount of people who have cell phones, computers, etc. This video really makes you think of the way technology has really grown in the past five years. I mean 48 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded EVERY MINUTE! That just seems so unreal, but none the less true.

In reality, I am actually very excited that our world has the ability to use technology to its fullest. I think technology will do more good than bad in this day and age. It has its pros and cons. Pros, it will heighten our minds and further our educations. Cons, handwriting and most creativity will be lost.

Mr. Winkle Awakes
Mr. Winkle Awakes was a very fascinating video about a man who slept for 100 years and awoke to find that most everything in the world had changed. Technology had taken over the offices and the hospitals. This is true, technology has really came along way in our world. Everything is somehow connected to the use of technology. Doctors offices, restaurants, dentists, malls, etc. everywhere there is technology. But in the end some things still remain the same, like when Mr. Winkle visits the school and sees that the students are still in desks, still taking notes from what the teacher says.

This video is a good way to show how our world is advancing in all the right ways but when it comes down to it some things that work the way they are just don't need to change. Like the schools for instance, I have ups and downs about integrating computers and technology fully into the curriculums because I don't want to see students get dependent on computers and lose there creativity.

The Importance Of Creativity
The Importance of Creativity by Ken Robinson was a pretty enlightening video. I have to say I was kind of skeptical about his statement that "schools kill creativity". At first I was thinking, how so? When I was in school I had teachers who broadened my imagination. But then I got to watching and realized he is right! Especially the part about the arts and dance always being on the bottom of the curriculum. Why is that? Why is art and dance never taught everyday as a high subject? Why is it always math, science, history, and english?

I think a lot of it has to do with funds in the school systems. I think most schools do not have the resources to provide more for the arts. I loved Sir Robinson's story about Julian, his dance friend who the doctors and teachers thought had something wrong with her but the one doctor who just played music for her and realized that she was a dancer and that could think better when she was moving. And now Julian is a world renowned dancer and billionaire. Its remarkable to think that if that one doctor wouldn't have suggested dance class that she would still be thought of having something wrong with her.

Schools and the Future Changes
In light of Mr. Winkle Wakes, I do believe that technology will fully integrate school systems all around the world. Technology is the future change in schools. For instance, Baldwin County schools are already integrating MacBooks into every school system. At fourth grade, students get their very own MacBook Air (provided by the school) to keep until they graduate high school. The laptop is to be used in school during class for class work. Most all of their work is done online and sent to their teachers electronically. I have to say once I started substitute teaching for Gulf Shores High School, I could not wrap my head around all the students carrying and using laptops.

When I was in school it was against the rules to bring your personal computers to school, let alone into the classroom. In a way its great that they are integrating technology into students life because almost all careers these days you need to be technologically savvy. But, I also discourage the full use of them all the time. Like I recently stated, I do feel like students will become dependent on technology.

First, I just want to start by saying I am an advocate of Pinterest. It is a huge part of my life. I use Pinterest on a day to day basis. After reading this post about Pinterest and watching the video I know I would use every one of the ideas explained in my classroom. The lesson planning, organization, sharing, and student use are all great ways to integrate in the classroom. I for one love the organization and lesson planning part of Pinterest. I have had a Pinterest for over a year now and I have a "Teaching Board" full of lesson plans, classroom organization, projects, etc. just ready to be put to good use.

20 Best Pinterest Boards
I chose Edutopia, Shannon Smith, and Debbie Fucoloro. I liked these three boards to pin and follow because they were organized very well and always had some great pins. Shannon Smiths board was particularly one that I will be visiting often. She had some great pins for online lesson plans, projects, and blogs. Also, Debbie Fucoloro's was great because it seems to be for beginners. It has alot of easy and quick tutorials for integrating technology into the classroom.

Pinterest would be extremely useful in my classroom because it provides a variety of different tools and resources for everything in the classroom. From, lesson planning and organizing to projects and activities. Pinterest has it all. A few ways for students to use pinterest is the sharing feature. For instance, if a group of students are assigned a project they each could pin things to one board to bounce ideas off of each other. Thanks to Pinterests new feature you can open a board for anyone to pin on and not just yourself.


  1. "I have ups and downs about integrating computers and technology fully into the curriculums because I don't want to see students get dependent on computers and lose there creativity. " Why do you think technology undermines creativity? I would argue that these new tools open up increased opportunities for creativity.

    "I think most schools do not have the resources to provide more for the arts." Schools (and their supporters) choose what to support. Football but not the arts in Alabama. The arts, not football in France. I think France has it right and Alabama has it wrong. But I am outnumbered!

    Thoughtful. Interesting.

  2. Hey Whitney,
    I somewhat agree with you that technology kills creativity. I think that once children are educated properly with all the tools and different aspects of the internet, it can help enhance their creativity. I'am eager to take this class and learn all the ways to use technology and use my creativity.
    I'am also an advocate of Pinterest. I use it everyday as well and I am a big fan of using it in the classroom. I didn't know that they have this new feature though that lets anyone pin to the board. I will have to check it out!