Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blog Post 4

           For the first post I read about on the Langwitches blog that Dr. Strange provided us with was Flat Stanley Podcast. This approach for podcasting with children is brilliant! The teacher had her first graders read the book Flat Stanley and then they made their own podcast about all the students being "Flat Stanley's". The students went home to their parents and researched places that their Stanley's would travel too, how they would get their, what they would do at that place, and how they would get back. After listening to the podcast of the first graders I realized that one of the students "Flat Emily" visited the state of Alabama, went to a football game in Tuscaloosa, and then visited the beaches of Gulf Shores. I found that so cute because I am also from Gulf Shores and love going to Tuscaloosa. This was just such a great approach to podcasting in a classroom. Incorporating reading, language, and geography all in one assignment.

             For the second post I read about was the Space Real Estate Agents. This was a wonderful podcast for the students because it involved storytelling, creative writing, producers, directors, audio editors, and collaborative team members. In this podcast the students first started off by brainstorming about ideas for a story and then voted on the best storyline. The students were then put into groups and worked on their stories. The teacher also gave them four facts about a different planet for each group to incorporate into their story (since the storyline was voted that the students were going to space). This was a chance for the teacher to incorporate science and astronomy into the podcast.

            For my third post I read Long Distance Storytelling. I was intrigued by this post because my boyfriend and I like to travel a lot and I have a three year old nephew that I can't stand to leave for long periods at a time. In this podcast the teacher is reading her five year old niece that lives in Brazil a story. I think its such a great way to stay connected to each other as much as possible. This could even be used in the classroom with your students. The students could read stories and translate them into other languages and publish them for other students around the world to listen to. It would incorporate literature and foreign language skills.

           All in all I just wanted to say thanks to Dr. Strange for giving us this inspirational blog post assignment. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of podcasting in the classroom. Even with students as young as first graders.


  1. Whitney,

    I really enjoyed your blog post. I think that it was pretty cool that you and Flatt Emily had a few things in common. It's a small world! It's hard to believe that students so young are as technological literate as they are. Who would have ever thought that a first grade student would be able to make their own podcast?! I did find a few things that may be grammatically incorrect. For example, to start the second paragraph you put: "For the second post I read about was the Space Real Estate Agents." I think that this sentence should be worded differently. Example: The second post I read about was Space Real Estate Agents. All I did was eliminate the word for, and started the sentence with the. Also I eliminated "the" at the end of your sentence. Good luck the rest of the semester!

    John Carpenter

  2. I am glad you have been inspired. Now you can do a podcast too.

    Thorough, thoughtful, well done!