Tuesday, February 26, 2013

C4K Summary February

February's C4K's


Around The World with Pheonix Kids K-2 
Maddie F.

I posted a comment to Maddie's sweet blog post. She talked about going to the beach, seeing kids eat ice cream, and watching the sea gulls. I responded by saying that I loved the beach and loved ice cream as well. I also told Maddie what a great writer she was and I couldn't wait to read more of her blog posts.

Ms. McKeller's 3rd Grade Class

"All About Jalon", that was the title of the blog post for the student whom I posted a comment on this week. Jalon talked about what how old he was, when he was born, what his favorite movie is, what his favorite sport is, and that his favorite food was pizza. This student had such great writing skills that I had to let him know. I responded by telling him that my favorite sport was also football and asked him which team was his favorite and that I loved eating pizza while watching it. I ended the comment by letting him know how great of a writer he was and that I could not wait to read more of his blog posts.

Pt. England School Room 13 Students

I posted a comment to Jalen's blog which was actually a google docs presentation just like the one we previously did in one of our assignments. Jalen's presentation was all about himself and the things he loved. His favorite singer was Bruno Mars and he loved foreign cars. Jalen also provided pictures for everything. I commented by telling Jalen that we just did an assignment just like his presentation in our class. I also told him that Bruno Mars was also my favorite singer and asked him what his favorite song was. I ended the comment by telling Jalen to keep up the great work and that I looked forward to his future blog posts.

Ms. Vannoy's Class

In Ethan's blog post he talked about Cops and how they drive fast and that they are good people. He also talks about cops helping people and how they can turn red lights on. I started my comment by telling Ethan how great of a writer he was and that I liked cops too. I always agreed with him and was happy that he knew cops were good people and that they kept us safe. Most people and children especially have different interpretations of cops these days so it was nice to see that Ethan liked cops. I ended the comment by telling him to keep up the great writing skills and that I looked forward to more of his posts.

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  1. I love reading the kids blogs, it is the most fun part about this class. It sounds like you got to read about some pretty great kids. Keep up the great posts Whitney!

    (also thanks for all the help this week hah and I LOVED our group projec)