Friday, February 8, 2013

C4T #1

C4T Post #1 
 Dr. Fryers first post was about an interview he had with Jackson, an 11th grader at an Oklahoma City Public School who took an online english class last semester. Jackson took the online english class as a 'recovery credit' because he did study abroad in France one semester and it set him back. The interview covered Jacksons discussion of the pros and cons of online classes. I commented on this post stating that I agreed with most of Jacksons views of online classes. I also told Dr. Fryer about the Hybrid classes South Alabama offers and how some of the online time can be hard for students who have a difficult time teaching themselves but how they are also great for time management. I look forward to Dr. Fryers next posts.

C4T Post #2
Dr. Fryers second post was about being overwhelmed and fearful of the pace of technology around us. He also quoted futurist, Alvin Toffler who was and is a prophet of our times. Dr. Fryer asked a question "How is the curriculm in your school changing to reflect our dynamic (and yes our revolutionary times) in your career?" I simply responded to Dr. Fryers question by stating that I for one am terrified by all the technology coming up around us at such a fast pace. I also stated that I was fearful of technology taking over the classroom, but also reassured him that I didn't think all technology was bad for the classroom and that to a certain degree it can be beneficial. 

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