Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Project 10

Finding The Right Tool
     After reading the instructions for this assignment I knew exactly what tool I would present. I am currently in Dr. Vitulli's EDU 301 Art Class (one of my FAVORITE classes) and Dr. Vitulli gave us a few art education websites to view and then comment on. There was one in particular called The Artist's Toolkit. This website is designed to integrate art and technology in the classroom. The Artist's Toolkit presents visual elements and principles of art. This website has various interaction tools to let the students design their own artwork using the elements of art. It incorporates the elements of line, color, shape, space, balance, movement and rhythm. 
      This website would be great to pull up on a SMART Board and let the students each come up and play around with the toolkit. You can also make your own "custom toolkit" for your students to use and work with. You could make your own tool kit with certain elements that you would be working with that week and have the students focus on it and then have some sort of quiz or Q&A about that element afterwards. I would use this tool at least once a week to get the students creative minds flowing about art and the elements that are in our every day lives. The benefits I would expect from using it would be the knowledge of how important art in the world can be. Also, I would hope the students would learn more about the elements and how they are used. 
        I chose this particular tool because I am an advocate of keeping the Arts in the classroom as much as possible. I have always loved art and hope to one day inspire my students to be able to create art using their imaginations. After having Paige Vitulli as an art professor its hard not to love the Arts. She is such an inspirational, loving, and caring person. 

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  1. Hi Whitney! Thank you for sharing this tool with me. I think it sounds very interesting. I had never heard of it until now and I can't wait to find out more. I also enjoyed my art classes in high school and am a very visual person so I think this would be a great site to explore. I'm glad you will be the kind of teacher that gets students "creative minds flowing". Sounds wonderful!