Thursday, February 7, 2013

Special Blog Post 1


      "What is the population of China, India, and the United States?" This is the type of question Dr. Strange asked us to answer while visiting the website WolframAlpha. He has asked us to do this Special Blog Post Assignment because some people misinterpreted his "Did You Know?" video.

China: 1.35 Billion
India: 1.21 Billion
United States: 309 Million

      I found from doing these searches that China and India have a larger population than that of the United States. I also did two more searches asking WolframAlpha what the biggest island was and also the population of Costa Rica. WolframAlpha said that Greenland was the biggest island, which wasn't what I would have guessed so that was surprising to me, and also that the population of Costa Rica is 4.64 million people. I had no idea it was that small!

      WolframAlpha would be useful to both my students and I in many ways. We could use the site to make searches about anything in any subject from math, science, to history. I feel like the possibilities are endless for this site. I just have to say I was not a fan of this blog post assignment when Dr. Strange gave it to us. I felt like he was trying to teach us a lesson about misinterpreting his blog video. But after learning about WolframAlpha I am glad he gave us this assignment. I feel like this site can be very beneficial in the classroom.

Gary Hayes
      Wow! This website is astounding. I can't figure out how they come up with all of those statistics. Its amazing to see them change so quickly. As for my professional career as a teacher I believe with what these stats have showed me it can only get better. I believe even though we have rising technology and that yes it is kind of taking over, the world will always need teachers. We will always need educators to do the jobs that technology will never be able to. The social interaction with a human being.
       I screen captured a shot from Gary Hayes Social Media Counts website of one of the combinations I did. You can see below the social media for a one day time frame. Those numbers blew me out of the water. But what I was wondering is are these stats for the whole world? Or just the United States? Are they for India or China? Canada or Japan? This goes back to Dr. Strange's "Did You Know" video and having to do searches on WolframAlpha website. If these statistics from Gary Hayes' social media count are for the entire world then I don't see them as being that bad, but on the other hang if it just for the United States then we may have a problem. When is technology too much technology? Just one of the many questions we will always be asking.

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