Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blog Post 9

            Mr. McClung's blog was a great read. His volume 4 2012-2013 version was my favorite. I loved both of his themes on this post, the first being "You Gotta Dance With Who You Came To The Dance With". The lesson behind this theme was that you can't worry about what your peers think of you, you just gotta do whats best and what works for the students. You can't teach for other teachers, you have to teach for your students. Thats who your there for. The second theme was "Challenge Yourself", this one I felt a lot of teachers would benefit from reading because I know a few who do exactly what Mr. McClung posted about. He stated that he was finding himself using the same lesson plans and activities from previous years so that he never had to come up with anything new, but then he noticed his students started to get bored and he found himself lowering his standards. He was thankfully offered the opportunity to teach a new subject which meant all new lesson plans and activities.

              Mr. McClung's second blog post I read was 2010-2011. I loved his "Don't Be Afraid To Be An Outsider" section. It was funny and very true! He explains that you do not have to be socialites with your fellow teachers. As long as you have a good relationship with your students your doing ok! At the end of this section he tells us how he plays his music too loud, he eats in the lunch room with his students and never in the teachers lounge, he enjoys keeping up with his students through social media, and likes being immature. That statement really reached out to me because Mr. McClung seems like the type of teacher I would of loved to have when I was in school and the type of teacher I hope I come to be in the future.

              What an inspirational teacher. Mr. McClung got me thinking that all possibilities are endless and that you just have to keep going and always cross the line even if you think you've gone too far! I will definitely be adding Mr. McClung's blog to my Personal Learning Network!


  1. "...gotta do whats best...." what's not whats

    An excellent member of your PLN!

  2. I thought this post was awesome! And I agree with everything you had to say in it. He is definitely an inspirational teacher and I don't know about you but I'll be going back to his blog from time to time!
    Keep up the great work!