Monday, March 4, 2013

C4T #2

C4T Post #1
Mr. Crosby's post was about K-5 teachers being told that they are no longer to teach content area standards in science and social studies because they "teach the Common Core". Mr. Crosby then stated the standards introduced in CCSS ELA for the literacy standards for grade 6. He want to ask the question "How do we help teachers under these restrictions disprove this interpretation? Who can we point to that has authority?" I commented by agreeing with the person who posted a comment above me that stated "Find out where they work, call their boss, and explain it to them." I also stated that I agreed with this person because unfortunately it seems to be the only way around this issue. I also thanked Mr. Crosby for opening this issue up to me because as a future K-5 teacher I had no idea of this situation. I look forward to Brian Crosby's future posts.


C4T Post #2
Ms. Ooten's post was about multiple things such as; her flipped classroom, technology, her AP biology class, and YouTube. Ms. Ooten's blog post was the first "teacher blog" that I actually found informative. She gave much insight into the advantages of flipping the classroom. She also explained that she is on a technology committee where she is in the process of beginning a project called 1:1 (each student has a computer) within the next two years. I think this is great and it really shows her enthusiasm for teaching. I explained to Ms. Ooten that I found her blog extremely informative and that I had been doing some research of my own on the reasoning of "flipping the classroom" and that her blog post was very helpful. I can't wait to read more of Ms. Ooten's posts in the near future! She is inspiring! I would recommend this blog to future teachers any day>> Science Teaching For The Future

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