Saturday, March 2, 2013

PLN First Post

PLN Progress Report

        For my PLN (Personal Learning Network) I chose Symbaloo to create my network. I actually found Symbaloo a lot easier to understand and work with than Netvibes. After researching a little more about what exactly a PLN is and watching/reading the links Dr. Strange provided us with I have more knowledge on how to start creating my personal network. I took the time to add links to my Symbaloo network board of people, websites, and resources that I use on a daily basis to help me forward my education about teaching and learning. Some of the links I added were Pinterest (I follow a ton of teaching boards), Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TeacherTube, Blogger, Moodle, and Delicious. I look forward to adding more to my Personal Learning Network. I can not wait to see the changes in my PLN, for learning and teaching are changing every day.

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