Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blog Post 12

            Creating a Blog Post Assignment

            For my creative assignment I wanted to further expand the abilities of Pinterest. I am an advocate of using Pinterest. Not only has it helped me with finding recipes, craft ideas, and ideas for my future wedding (don't lie girls, you know you do it to) but it also has given me so much information on my field of study. I am actually very proud of my Pinterest account and the way I have it organized and set up. I have a board specifically assigned for my teaching pins, The Teacher Life. For the assignment I would have the students create a Pinterest account, search for lesson plans, bulletin board ideas, organizing the classroom, activities, etc. and pin them to a specific teaching board so that they have quick access to all the wonderful ideas Pinterest has to offer to teachers. Then once establishing a firm teaching board, sharing in a blog post their progress of their board, maybe with a screenshot, and also sharing some of the other inspirational teaching boards they have came across.

My Assignment:

My Teacher Board

Other Inspirational Teacher Boards...

Teaching and Tapas : A second grade American teacher in Spain. I loved this board because she has many, many, many boards organized nicely on different subjects and all the ideas for each one. 

Classroom Creativity : I was actually privileged to have taken a few education classes with the owner of this board. I follow Classroom Creativity because she always has some of the best pins for organization and quick lesson activities. 


  1. Hey Girl!!! So my C4C didn't have a blog post up for last week and I got to chose someone else's to comment on.... Well needless to say, I picked you! One, because you're awesome, and two, because you created the exact same assignment as I did which means it's just meant to be!
    So about your assignment: I love Pinterest. It is a great tool to find ideas and lesson plans, but also, it's almost impossible to be unorganized. I too have a food board, a future house board, a wedding board, and a teaching board! It's perfect for staying up to date on crafts, projects, and "borrowing" creativity for your classroom. You can check out my assignment on my blog

    or skip right to my Pinterest

    Happy Pinning! :)

  2. I really love this idea! This idea is very simple but super creative! Good Job! And yes I have a future wedding board.