Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blog Post 13

TEDx Denver Talk

       I absolutely loved this video! Brian Crosby is the definition of incorporating the perfect amount of technology into the classroom. Mr. Crosby takes technology to a whole new level. Instead of just having his students sit inside a classroom and play on computers all day, he lets them explore the possibilities of technology outside of the classroom. One particular experiment that he demonstrated that he did with his class was, for a science project implementing atmospheric pressure his students were able to make a hot air balloon, attach a camera/GPS to it and then let it off. The students were able to track where the balloon went to and how far up it went depending on the pressure and with the camera attached they were even able to see the balloon explode when it reached its limit. This is just awesome. Mr. Crosby showed the students that technology can be put to use outside and they were able to get hands on. I prefer Mr. Crosby's technique of teaching to anybody's I have seen so far. He teaches that technology is useful but just sitting behind a computer screen and blogging will not get you anywhere, you have to physically go out into the field and put it to use. Kudos Mr. Crosby! 

Blended Learning Cycle

           In the video Blended Learning Cycle, Mr. Andersen explains his strategy for a flipped classroom. He blends the concept of online, mobile, and classroom with the five E's.. Engage, Explore, Expand, Explain, Evaluate. He uses this technique to provide a useful source of technology into the classroom. Mr. Andersen also uses a strategy that he calls QUIVERS. 

Summary quiz

          He uses this strategy to get his students more engaged in the assignments. Mr. Andersen says that when he videos the lesson for the day for his students to watch ahead of time it frees up time for him to have more one on one time with students and to actually engage in asking more questions. 
          I really like Mr. Andersen's strategy for a blended learning cycle. I love his quivers technique. I could see myself using this in my classroom one day. I like the idea of having more time really talking and understanding with the students, instead of spending the whole class time explaining the assignments over and over. 

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  1. Great post! I like the way you broke down the main points Mr. Anderson made. Make sure you check the blog and do the Brian Crosby part of the assignment.