Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blog Post #14

     In the article, Teacher Knows If You've Done the E-Reading by David Steitfeld, he talks about a online text book that teachers use in the classroom called CourseSmart E-Texbooks. These online textbooks track the students history of when and for how long they read their textbook. It lets the teacher know which students are actually studying and who opens the textbook the night before the test. They know when the students are skipping pages, not highlighting important information, or not even opening the book; they call this an "engagement index".

     As a future teacher, I think this new form of technology is extremely beneficial. It                   highers the rate of students actually studying instead of just cramming the night before the test. It also creates more time for one on one teaching with the students instead of just reading straight from the book during class. If the students read before the class, then you can spend class time discussing the material and answering and questions the students may have.

    As a student, I would actually like this form of studying because it would give me a better technique of organizing and keeping track of what I have studied and read over. I like the feature of being able to highlight the important material and the "engagement index" saving it for you to come back for later. It would also give me an assentive to actually study more because I know my teacher would look over what I have done. 

     If I were to talk to the teacher described in the article I would ask the following questions..
1. Is this strategy of E-Books beneficial in your classroom?
2. Have you seen any progress in your students grades?
3. Have you noticed any glitches in the system?

      If I were to ask the students in his class I would ask the following questions...
1. Do you successfully use E-Books to its full potential?
2. Have you noticed a grade improvement since using E-Books?
3. What is your favorite thing about E-Books?
4. What is your least favorite thing about E-Books?

      The comment I would leave would be, is this going to help the students after college? Isn't that the goal of college, to help them to prepare for their future. The students should be learning to be independent and responsible for their actions. I believe this would be most useful for high school students but by college I would expect the students to be more responsible.

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