Monday, April 22, 2013

C4K April Summary

C4K #9
Mrs. Geldes 2013
Baylee G.

I had the privilege of reading Baylee G's blog and one of her posts was about the book Sneetches by Dr. Seuss. She explained that her class had just read this book and then explained what it was about and told us that she would recommend someone who was feeling left out or made fun of to read it and then at the end asked the question "who would you suggest this book too?".  I started by telling Baylee that I also loved that book and that I agreed I would recommend the book to someone who was feeling blue because it would cheer them up right away. I asked her what other Dr. Seuss books she had read and then ended by telling her to keep up the great writing skills.

C4K #10
Leopold Primary School

For Ryley's blog post he told a little bit about himself and the things he liked. He told us he had a crazy cat and loved P.E. and Art class. He then asked if we liked the same things and if so what. I told Ryley that I did not have a crazy cat but I do have a crazy dog named DJ. I asked Ryley what his cats name was. I also told Ryley I loved P.E. and Art class too when I was in school and that I loved creating things in Art. I ended by telling him that he had great writing skills and to keep up the great work.

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