Tuesday, April 2, 2013

C4K March Summary

C4K #5
Miss Mac's Outstanding Owls

I was assigned Cole's blog to read from Miss Mac's class from Birmingham, Alabama. Cole wrote about what he got for Christmas from Santa. I must say he was a lucky kid! Cole got a 24" flat screen TV, legos, and the book Pete the Cat Saves Christmas. I told Cole that I was sure he was enjoying his new flat screen TV and that I also loved to build things with legos. I also told him that I wasn't familiar with the Pete the Cat books but I look forward to finding them at my local book store and giving them a look.

C4K #6

Mr. Seyfert's Class

In Hunter's blog post he talked about hanging out with one of the characters from the book he was reading. I started off by telling Hunter he had great writing skills then continued by asking what book he was reading. I also told Hunter that there were some characters in some of the books I have read that I would like to hangout with as well. I finished up by telling Hunter to keep up the great work and to keep posting because I looked forward to reading more of them!

C4K #7

Ms. Lentine's Harbor 7 Class
Kevin C.

In Kevin's blog, it was actually a homework assignment. I think he was trying to sale something. He talked about the values of a Treadmill and made a really outstanding point of owning one. I started by telling Kevin that after I read his blog post it made me want to go out a buy a Treadmill myself. I also told Kevin he would make a great salesman one day and that he had wonderful writing skills.

C4K #8

Mrs. Kreb's Class Blog

In Dustin's blog, he talked about his Religion class and the recent assignment he had to do. They had to pick a bible verse make a drawing and then tell about the verse. Dustin chose a wonderful verse to include in his drawing about Jesus and his disciples. I started by telling Dustin that his blog post was wonderful and that he chose such a great verse to write about. I ended by telling him to keep up the great work because he is doing such a great job as a child of God.

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