Tuesday, April 2, 2013

C4T #3

C4T Post #1
           I had Ms. Amanda Ooten to read and reflect on today. She did not have any recent blog posts since the last one I commented on so I took the privilege of scrolling down and reading some of her older posts. I read one post about the beginning of her "flipped classroom" experience. She had some great points and shared a lot of interesting values. She also shared an article about "teaching naked" that I thoroughly enjoyed. I commented by saying thank you for all the educational points she provided and for the article. I also stated that I hope her flipped classroom was still a success and that I couldn't wait to read more about it.

C4T Post #2
             For my second C4T I chose a new teacher to comment on because I had Mrs. Ooten twice already. The first comment was in C4T post #2 and second is above. I chose Mr. Dylan Robinson because I want to eventually coach high school softball and I figured he would have a lot of great resources. I was right, on the post that I read on Mr. Robinson's blog it was about being informed on new research even being a P.E. teacher. He shared a wonderful link to Dr. Ashley Casey's blog who in return shared many more great ideas. I commented by thanking Mr. Robinson for the link he shared and that I agreed with keeping up to date with new research no matter what field of study your in.

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