Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Last C4T

C4T Post #1:

          I was assigned Wesley Fryer's blog again and had the privilege of reading some wonderful blog posts he had. He most recent one discussed the advantages of each student having a laptop in the classroom and success with technology. He also added many links and videos of excellent resources. I started by thanking Mr. Fryer for expanding my knowledge on the effects that laptops would have in the classroom. I also thanked him for the links and videos he shared in his post.

C4T Post #2:

         In Dr. Fryer's second blog post he shared links and videos to the FOCU$ On Education Conference. He explained that the conference was focused on the importance of funding public education reforms in Oklahoma. I thanked Dr. Fryer for sharing the links to the videos for the conference. I also told him that I was inspired after watching the video. 

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