Sunday, May 5, 2013

Final Reflection

Part 1:

         In my first post of how I wanted my classroom to be, I said I wanted to focus a lot on literacy with the children and have book clubs for them. Well I definitely still want to do that and there is nothing I would change about what I said but there are some things I would add to it that I learned in EDM310 that would make it more exciting.
         I would use podcasting for the literacy part and have the students read books or act out characters in a book for example. I would use Skype so the students could talk to scientists or professors around the world and let them ask educational questions. iMovie was my favorite thing I learned about in this class and I think it is a great source to take to a classroom because it involves the students to use creativity and skills to produce such an exciting piece of work. One activity I will definitely be putting to use in a classroom one day would be having the students bring the technology outside the classroom.                
         During our time in EDM310 we watched a video of a teacher broadening the spectrum of integrating technology into the classroom and I just found it fascinating. He taught his students a unit on science and space and air and then took them outside, built a real hot air balloon and used technology to hook up a video camera to it so the students could track where the hot air balloon went and how high it got before it exploded. That is one activity I could see myself using in my future classroom because it takes the kids out of their seats and out from behind a computer screen.

Part 2:

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